Brianna Albers

I’m Brianna Albers,
a content creator living
in Minneapolis-St. Paul.



I’m the founder of Monstering, a magazine for disabled women and nonbinary people, and the co-founder of ZRIE, a private new media collective. I’m also the author of “The Wolf Finally Frees Itself,” a column published by SMA News Today that details my life with spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic disease characterized by the atrophying of muscles.

I graduated with my B.A. in psychology in 2017 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and will be graduating with my M.A. in community care from Indiana Wesleyan University next year. I also work part-time as a copy editor for BioNews Services. When I’m not writing, studying, or playing D&D, I’m dreaming up ways for stories to change the world.



To love fearlessly; to love fiercely; to love without remorse. To love people out of corners; to love me out of corners. To rise in love and transcend. To be unbridled in transcendence, in growth and outward movements. To be expansionary. To practice magnificence. To trust. To minimize fear and create. To be love. To be movement and boundless hope. To grace as an action, a verb, a deliberate acceptance of life, love, people, this place. To be mindful of this place, the ground I stand on, the spaces I move through: body and heart.