Brianna Albers

I'm a writer, editor, and visual artist, currently based in St. Paul, MN. In 2016, I founded Monstering, a magazine for disabled women and nonbinary people; in 2017, I co-founded ZRIE, a private new media collective. I write content for SMA News Today, including the column "The Wolf Finally Frees Itself." A multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee, I was named one of 30 up-and-coming writers under 30 by Phosphene Literary Journal, and was a recipient of a 2016 Amtrak residency. My work can be found in DIALOGIST, Guernica, and Word Riot, among others.



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I currently freelance as an editor and sensitivity reader.

I have over a decade of writing experience, from fanfiction to academia and journalism. I scored highly on Advanced Placement (AP) Language and Literature exams, and was presented with a Yale Book Award as a junior in high school. In my late teenage years, I discovered poetry, and published my debut chapbook, Why I'm Not Where You Are, in 2016. I have since entered the field of creative nonfiction.

I also have four years of editorial experience. I was on staff at Winter Tangerine for several years, working as Programs Director and, later, Spotlight Director, before founding Monstering, a magazine for disabled women and nonbinary people.

In an editorial critique, I will comment on voice and writing style; plot, flow, and pacing; and characters, relationships, and dialogue. For an additional, negotiable fee, I will include line edits up to 50,000 words.

In a sensitivity critique, I will comment on the portrayal of marginalized characters and/or groups; use of harmful stereotypes; and use of negatively-fueled language. A completed critique does not guarantee that your manuscript will be free of problematic content. Furthermore, a completed critique does not function as an endorsement of your work on my behalf.

I accept all genres but erotica and horror, including poetry and nonfiction. I will only review digital manuscripts, and reserve the right to decline your manuscript without explanation. Completion time for manuscripts up to 100,000 words will take up to six (6) weeks. Completion time for manuscripts over 100,000 words will vary according to my schedule.

Areas of Interest

Science fictionFantasyFairy talesDivinity - saints/prophets, angelsMonsters CyborgsCosmic horror

Areas of Specialty

Disability - neuromuscular disorders, chronic illness/painMental illness - anxiety (social, generalized), depression, hallucinationsAsexuality spectrum - demisexualityTraumaEmotional abuse


Payment is nonrefundable, with refunds available in the event I am unable to complete your critique. Disabled writers and writers of color are eligible for a 50% discount.


20,000 words or under: 50 USD20,0001-60,000 words: 100 USD60,0001-100,000 words: 200 USD101,000 words or over: 250 USD

Sensitivity Reading

20,000 words or under: 25 USD20,0001-60,000 words: 75 USD60,0001-100,000 words: 125 USD101,000 words or over: 200 USD

Interested? Fill out the form below, or email me at briannahopealbers [at] email [dot] com.