Waning Crescent

The stars died three days before Blaire was born.

Some thought the world would end with famine. Others, plague or war. Still others spoke of fairy tales: the god of death, Divan, who plucked the stars from the sky. Textbooks refer to the anomaly as stellar death: the sudden, inexplicable disappearance of every known star. But Blaire knows the truth.

The stars disappeared. Meaning they went somewhere. Meaning that, if Blaire tries hard enough, she might just find them.

Blaire feels trapped on Earth, mired in longing for the truth. But with Tabitha, her best friend, things are better. Blaire searches for the stars, while Tabitha hunts apocalypta - visions flooding city and town; stories of cracks in the skin of the world. But when Tabitha is attacked, forcing them on the run, the world becomes larger than Blaire could have dreamed.

Something lurks at the edges of what is known. Left unchecked, an ancient, alien entity known as sieh will consume everything in its path. To stop the sieh, Tabitha must find Divan, the god who ran away.

Driven from Earth by sieh assassins, Blaire and Tabitha find refuge on the planet Saeter. Beneath a red sky punctured by tall, black spires, Blaire encounters not only sieh but the people who worship it. Surrounded by saints, devotions etched into their skin, Blaire wrestles with her new place in the universe as Tabitha investigates the assassins.

Their reason for being on Saeter, Tabitha warns Blaire, has to remain a secret. In the wrong hands, it could kill them both. However, when sieh capture Tabitha, Blaire is left with a choice: trust Jacen - the man who saved her life - and save her best friend, or refuse his help, and doom the universe to a horrific fate.