I’ve been preparing myself for Felicity’s “exit”—we don’t know she’s dying yet, nothing’s been confirmed, let me have this—since last fall. It shouldn’t be hitting me this hard. But that didn’t stop me from spending a good thirty minutes last night putting together an outline for the essay I’ve been meaning to write on the character of Felicity Smoak.

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I could not be more excited to unveil my new and improved online presence, starting with my website! I’ve been meaning to update things for a while, but inevitably I always put it off, distracted by school or my writing or, more realistically, D&D. But 2018 bled to 2019, and I realized that, if I was going to get anything done this year, I needed a better platform. So I sat my butt down, sped through two seasons of Arrow, and redid everything.

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